1tre1We’ve been getting a little snow here and a little snow there but all told we are only up to about 6 inches of light fluffy snow- not enough to ride on or pack.  That’s where we are in Duluth.  Farther north from Finland to Grand Marais we know the snow ranges from ten to fifteen inches and that the DNR started packing today but the local clubs are still waiting for more snow.  So what are your prospects for the weekend?  You could head up to Finland and take your chances but we aren’t guaranteeing anything good or consistent.  There is also snow in the forecast for tonight- about one to two inches with some possible lake enhancement on the North Shore so that could make riding a little better.  After that they claim several Alberta Clippers will hit us in the upcoming week and may leave another 6 inches on top of what we have which may be enough to start doing something out there.  We are crossing our fingers that everything is ready to go by next weekend.  Elsewhere we do know they are packing trails in Northeast Wisconsin and the UP so that is also a possibility.  Start doing your snow dances, we need all the help we can get.