Monthly Archives: December 2019


A- snow in waterIt seems that on a daily basis that there is a post of a groomer or snowmobile that has broken through the ice on a trail that goes through swamp land.  One of the biggest advantages of snowmobiling is that a snowmobile allows you to reach places that are inaccessible  at any other time of year because these areas are surrounded by swamp or wetlands that can only be traversed when frozen in the winter. This allows snowmobilers access to some of the most scenic and breathtaking places in the state that would otherwise go unseen.  Although as snowmobilers we are happy to have early snow after a long summer of waiting for our favorite time of year we must remember that there are swamps, bogs, lakes, rivers and streams that have not yet frozen and are not safe to travel on.  The heavy snow, although a blessing, has also insulated these places from freezing and all we can do is wait for these areas to freeze.  Snowmobile clubs are tasked with creating safe trails for our states riders and we know more about these trails than anyone.  It is for this reason that trails have either not been groomed or are posted as closed. We ask that you understand why trails are not being groomed- a snowmobile weighs 600 pounds, a big groomer and drag can weigh 10,000 pounds.  Sleds can go over ice that may not be safe for a groomer, therefore we will not groom until the ice is safe for crews to work.  Secondly, when you see a trail posted as closed it does not mean it is okay to ignore the sign or ride past the barricades.  The trail is closed because it has been determined not to be safe du to poor conditions, downed trees etc.  Ignoring these signs could not only get you in trouble with the authorities it could also get you a trip to the morgue.  We want all snowmobilers to come home safely, and we want all of our volunteers to get home safely as well.  Please be patient and eventually we will get everything opened up and groomed.  Thank you and RIDE SAFE!