Monthly Archives: September 2022


1asHello everyone and welcome to another year of!  It’s September and every year in the world of snowmobilers September marks a turning point.  The leaves start changing colors, the nights start getting colder, snowmobile clubs have their first meetings, trail work begins in earnest and in the high elevations of the mountains a few snowflakes start making their way to the ground.  Little by little that snow spreads and before you know it our favorite season is here!  To me September lights a little spark and at we start writing stories for you to digest and get you more and more amped up for winter until you are chomping at the bit waiting for that first big storm.  So what is on tap for 2022 at

First off, last year we launched the YouTube channel which honestly took off with a resounding thud. We initially started with trail reports but soon found out that our print versions reached a much wider audience so we scrapped the video version and went back to print.  Our goal, after all, is to get you the best information as quickly and conveniently for you as possible, but that doesn’t mean that the YouTube channel is dead.  New for this year we will be breaking down local trails on the YouTube channel with our “Trail Ride” videos, where we ride a trail and give you some of the highlights of what you will see, that way you can find some real hidden gems off the beaten path.  We know that a lot of people come up from southern Minnesota as well as from Michigan, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and other states and most of those people stick to the well-known arteries of the CJ Ramstad North Shore Trail and miss out on some truly unique and spectacular riding areas and trails and we will highlight these places in our videos.  We will also be doing more “Today on the Trail” features with pictures and some videos of people we meet out on the trail.   This has always been a popular feature and we are going to bring it back in a big way this winter.  And of course we are going to have our up to the minute trail condition updates to help you plan your trips as well as some outstanding articles on the sport in general that we are sure you will find entertaining, informative and ramp up your heartbeat in anticipation of winter.  As always we are hoping that this will be THE YEAR of tons of snow and great riding for the whole season.  Start your snow dances and get ready for another great year, we will see you soon!