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IMG_0769I was going to hold off posting anything until the first week of October but the inbox started filling up with people asking when we are going to start posting articles so I figured I would give everybody a little warm up.  Apparently there are a lot of antsy snowmobilers out there anxious for the snow to fly.  To be honest it is hard to write about snowmobiling when you are sweltering in 80 degree temps in late September.  I even went out to the garage one day to visit my sleds and when I pulled the cover off of one of them it was like “Dude, its 80 degrees out!  Cover me back up and come back when its about 40 degrees colder!” Finally this past week the weather has gotten more normal and our high temperature on Tuesday was actually colder than the high temperature was the day we rode in the Yeti Tour back in February.


From day one’s goal has been to keep snowmobilers informed.  We started with free trail maps that you can download to your phone, then we added snowmobile club info, then we added facebook, then the blog.  With the blog came several featured articles on where to go and what to see along with stories from the trails as well as photos and videos of fellow snowmobilers out enjoying our favorite sport.  One of the most popular items we added to the blog were trail conditions up here in Northeast Minnesota.  The reality is that winter comes early here and stays late and Lake Superior provides us some of the best late season snow conditions outside of the mountains and the UP. Every year snowmobilers from Southern Minnesota and surrounding states flood Northeast Minnesota in the early part of the season as we are often the first ones to have rideable snow, we even get people from the UP here early in the year because it hasn’t gotten cold enough to start up the famous UP Lake Effect Snow machine.  The same mass migration happens late in the season when hoards of trailers hit I-35 heading north searching for that last little bit of Heaven before spring takes full hold and the sleds get put away for another summer.  That’s when it hit us, besides wanting to now where to go and what to see, the one thing all snowmobilers want is to know how the trails are.  Yes we are able to give you up to the minute trail reports for Northeast Minnesota because the trails are literally outside our back door but what about the rest of the country and Canada?  Snowmobilers are a mobile bunch by nature and we all want to know how the riding is before we invest the time and money into trailering somewhere for the weekend.  So this year we have added a new tab to the website, the trail conditions tab.  We have gone around and found the most reliable and up to date trail condition information for each state and province. Now you can find out riding conditions virtually anywhere by logging onto the site.  After all, we aren’t called for nothing!  If you don’t find a state or province on the list it is because we have not found what we feel to be accurate and reliable information for that state or province.  We are open to suggestions however, so if you find a reliable site, drop us a line at and we’ll look into adding it, also Keep in mid that the season hasn’t started yet and we haven’t finished adding all of the links.  In the meantime we have some great articles coming up for you on the blog to really get you pumped up for what will hopefully be an awesome winter- after all, we are way overdue!