CIMG0352 (2)Someone asked me during the season last year why I don’t do any blogs on racing or race drivers. I told them that there are lots of websites you can visit to read about the latest racing news and is not one of those sites. We are also not a big magazine site that has info on all of the latest and greatest snowmobile technology to hit the market. We don’t ride on brand new factory set up sleds (don’t get me wrong we’d love to do that but there aren’t any factory reps beating down our doors to give us a new sled to demo). We have wives and kids and regular jobs. Just like you we have a variety of snowmobiles in our garage- some newer sleds, some older sleds and of course a couple of late 90’s Polaris Indy 500’s because it’s virtually impossible not to somehow wind up with one in your garage. We ride on the weekends and holidays and every moment we get on the saddle is a moment we cherish. Our staff is lucky enough to have the great fortune of living in Northeast Minnesota and having our base of operations a stone’s throw away from the iconic C.J. Ramstad North Shore State Trail so we can literally walk outside of our office, start up the sled and hit the trail any time we want to. We know that most people in Minnesota aren’t that lucky and a weekend ride means loading up the trailer and taking a road trip. We also realize that for the majority of Minnesotan’s that means trailering to our neck of the woods in early and late winter as we get snow sooner and it stays longer than anywhere else in the state.

We created because we wanted a website that could tell you where you are, what the trails are like and what you can expect when you get to where you are going. We wanted a site that could help the average snowmobiler get the most out of their trip, a website created by snowmobilers for snowmobilers and that is what you see here. It is our goal to help you get the most out of your snowmobiling experience and this blog is just one more tool in our efforts to provide you with the best website possible. I’m not going to tell you about racing or about the newest sleds from the big 4, what I am going to tell you is something that relates to you, the average rider. We have staff members on the trail every day of the week so we can provide you with the best and most up to date information possible. I also like to impart a little bit of history in the blog because I think it is important to know about the people that laid the groundwork for our trail system and the genius minds behind the snowmobile itself. All of those snowmobiling pioneers worked to create one of the most fun and rewarding winter activities of all time. Knowing where you came from helps you appreciate where you are going. I hope you find this season of the Northeast Snowmobile Blog informative and entertaining. All we need now is some snow!