April 1st marks the official end of the snowmobiling season and it was another poor year to say the least. After two years of horrible snow conditions and an excruciating long off season marked by a major thunderstorms in July that uprooted tens of thousands of trees in Northern Minnesota that took months to clear, everyone was looking forward to what would hopefully be a nice cold and snowy winter, but once again mother nature decided otherwise.  We did get snow, but that snow was always soon followed by fifty degree temperatures and rain which melted and ruined the trails and prevented the snowmobile clubs from getting on any consistent grooming schedule.  There were severe thaws in December, January and finally the ultimate season killer in February. All we can do now is start looking to next season and hope we don’t go through a fourth bad winter in a row.

We would, however, like to thank all of our new followers that came on board this year.  The wider we expand our reach, the easier it is for us to share good trail condition info from around the state.  We still have a few articles to throw out there before summer so keep checking in, and be sure to follow us on facebook for the latest in trail conditions and links to some new features we will have coming up next winter including our new series “Trailside Stops” where we highlight all of our favorite trailside bars and fueling stations that are essential to a good day’s ride.  We also encourage you to check out the Northeast Minnesota Snowmobile Blog Archives where you will find old articles on specific trails, destinations you may want to consider for next years trips, info on vintage sleds and of course some entertaining snowmobile stories from the trails as well as a slew of pictures from our various rides.   Enjoy the off season!