1traHere we are again, another frustrating winter.  Day after day of no snow.  Then the weatherman comes on and says you may get 4-6 inches of fresh snowfall and instead you get 1/2 an inch.  WTF.  So, once again we go into New Years weekend virtually snowless.  Yes you can run the North Shore trail out of Duluth but the trail sucks and none of the GIA trails are open.  The good news is you can drive a little farther north to Two Harbors and unload there onto a nice groomed trail, head north and watch as trail and snow conditions get better and better until you are into 15 inches in the far north.  That is the state of things in Minnesota,  but you can also trailer to Northeast Wisconsin where it has been snowing non stop for weeks, albeit only a few inches at a time, but those inches have added up to 12- 16 inches of snow on the ground.  Or you can hit the UP where they have over two feet, or you could go to PA or upstate NY where in some places they are over 50 inches!  Send some of that snow our way, eh! #snowmobiletrailconditions