1a117All of the trails in Northeast Minnesota have been groomed this week and, with the cold weather, are solid as a rock.  We suggest using ice scratchers if you have them.  We rode the other night and even though the sleds were as smooth as glass they were as hard as glass as well.  Northeast Minnesota has see a record number of sleds over the past two weeks and several of the southern trails (around Duluth) have developed bare spots, better conditions can be found from Two Harbors north as they have benefitted from some lake effect snow.  Last week there were so many sleds that a trail that started off perfect at 8 AM was trashed by noon.  With the cold temperatures we expect less traffic this weekend and, even with heavy traffic, the base is now so hard that it should wear very well.  Ideally we would like some more snow but that snow keeps going south where they don’t want it.  Send us some of that snow up this way, eh!

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