The leaves on the trees have begun to change color, the kids are going back to school, football season has started and snowmobile clubs are getting together after a long summer off, a new snowmobiling season is about to begin and a new season is beginning for us at snowmobiletrail.com.  Last year was a good year for us at snowmobiletrail.com as we have expanded our social media footprint.  Yes we spend the majority of our time in Northeast Minnesota but we address issues that affect the entire snowmobile community.  We are about all things snowmobile trail and whether that trail leads you to a beautiful mountain playground or your favorite watering hole, your trail issues are important to us.  As a group, everyone that rides a snowmobile is part of an extended family that wants to see the sport survive and grow and at times that means banning together to protect the sport we love.  Over the next few months we will have blogs on a number of topics to get you pumped up for a new winter but also to keep you up to date on what is happening around the world of snowmobiling.  Stay tuned, we have a lot of good stuff in store for you and you can always visit the website to read past articles in the Northeast Minnesota Snowmobile Blog Archives.  It’s never too early to start your snow dance!