CIMG1053There is one thing that all snowmobilers in the world have in common- the love of snow.  Every year there comes a day in the late fall where you go outside and there it is, the chill and smell of the cold air and the unmistakable feeling of approaching snow, then you hear it, that call deep inside of you, it is quiet at first but as you approach your garage it gets louder.  You open your garage door and you can hear it even louder, your heart begins to beat faster and you walk over and pull the cover off of your sled, there it is all clean and shining from when you washed it and waxed it and put it away last spring.  A smile crosses your face and for a moment you feel as though your sled is smiling back at you.  You grab the keys from your pocket and fire it up, the two stroke smoke starts drifting around you and your heart starts racing as you soak it all in.  You hit the kill switch and stare outside, and then it comes, that first flake floating gently to the ground, then another and then another.  They start falling more rapidly and you can hear them gently falling on the dried leaves and dead grass.  “Soon” you tell your sled as you give the handlebars a pat and head back inside.  Throughout the night you flick on the outside flood light and watch the snow piling up outside.  Your mind drifts back to when you were a kid looking out your front window at the snowflakes being lit up by the street light and wondering if there would be school the next day and you would go to bed just hoping that you would wake up in the morning and look out your bedroom window to see snow piled up everywhere and the radio telling you that school was canceled, you would jump out of bed and grab your sled and call your friends to head over to the biggest hill in the neighborhood that everyone went sledding on.  Now you go to bed the same way, hoping that when you wake up there will be snow everywhere- you have a couple of PTO days available to take and you just hope that when the alarm goes off in the morning you can call your boss and say you can’t make it in, then you debate, do I snow blow the driveway or do I hop on the sled, but by the time your brain has answered your heart has already grabbed the sled keys and you started putting your bibs on, you’ve been waiting long enough, it’s time to ride!!!  

Every day the temperature is dropping and we get one step closer.  Prepare yourselves snowmobile friends- WINTER IS COMING!!!