IMG_4291Christmas is coming and many of you may be scrambling trying to figure out what to get for that hard to buy for person on your list.  Well if that person is a snowmobiler your job just got a lot easier. Here are some great gift ideas for that snowmobiler on your Christmas list, ranging from small things all the way up to the big things.

WOOL SOCKS:  Not only is this a great gift for a snowmobiler, it is also a great gift for just about anyone you know.  You can get a good pair of snowmobile socks just about anywhere, but if you really want to make someone happy just jump right to the Smartwool socks because they are awesome.

BALACLAVA:  No, not baklava, the sweet nutty pastry (although that’s good too), a balaclava or for those who prefer less fancy words- a facemask.  Balaclavas run the gamut from the thin dime a dozen masks all the way up to the super extreme ultimate mask that will do everything but regrow your hair.  Personally I like to have a variety of balaclavas around- the ultra-thin ones for those warmer days and the heavy ones for those colder days.  Personally I like the hunting type facemasks you can get at a sporting goods store primarily because they usually have some decent mouth venting mesh that makes it easier to breathe or they can be easily pulled down around your neck or converted into a makeshift hat.  Any way you slice it no snowmobiler is going to complain about getting anew balaclava.

BASE LAYERS:  Keeping warm is all about layering these days and nothing beats a good pair of long underwear.  With all of the options out there you almost can’t go wrong.  Just remember to avoid cotton- cotton and snowmobiles are not a good combo.  Under Armor is my favorite in this category.

SHIRTS/ SWEATSHIRTS:  When layering there are all kinds of shirt options.  Each manufacturer has a line of riding shirts and then there are all of the apparel manufacturers that make a wide variety of shirts and racing jerseys.  For those times that you are not riding but want to show off your brand there are a number of fleeces and sweatshirts available too. 

VIDEOS:  One of the big things lately are the extreme snowmobiling videos.  You can find them at many apparel shops or order them online.

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS:  There are lots of snowmobile magazines out there and a subscription to one of them makes a good gift.

VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE GEAR/ MEMORABILIA:  Some of your older riders on your list probably have fond memories of piloting their Ski-Doo Olympique over the power lines behind their childhood home.  Vintage snowmobile items or old magazines are always a treat to look at and own and can often bring back fond memories of snowmobiling’s past.

JACKETS, BIBS, GLOVES, BOOTS & HELMETS: All of these items are great but you have to be really careful here.  Proper fitting gear is essential and I have found that most snowmobilers are extremely picky when it comes to their gear.  If you are buying for your kids you pretty much know what to get but if you are buying for adults it is best to have them be a part of the buying process.  Jackets and snow pants fit everyone differently.  The same can be said for gloves and boots.  Everyone has a certain feel they are going for. Finally a helmet is an extremely personal thing- you need it to fit perfectly to work.

A NEW SNOWMOBILE:  Let’s face it- there is nothing better than opening a box with a key in it and finding a new sled parked outside in the yard.  My wife and I did that for our daughter after she got her snowmobile safety certificate.  She had always liked one of my buddy’s old sleds so when he upgraded I bought the sled and hid it in the garage while she was at school.  When she opened the box to find a key she was really confused and then she realized it was a snowmobile key – best gift ever!