12/1/17 Northeast Minnesota Trail Condition Update

1tr1We hoped that the early snow we got this year would lay down a good base and everything seemed to be going well until we got hit with 40 degree temps and rain.  Luckily there is still some snow left and the farther north you get the more there is, in fact we have heard of 8 inches still being on the ground north of Grand Marais.  So, will anywhere be open to ride December 1st as we hoped?  No.  Are we close?  Yes.  The clubs are out working on their trails and reports are that about 80% of the clearing and brushing is done and many trails are reported to be good to go as soon as the snow flies. The swamps and lakes are freezing and keeping ice even with the warmer weather.  Lets just start praying for snow and hope it comes soon!