1tu1Unfortunately not much has changed since last week.  We got rain on Monday and they promised snow on top of it but the snow never came.  The only exception to that was near the Canadian Border where we have reports of up to 8 inches on the ground.  High winds, however,  caused some blow down which had to be cleaned up.  No trails are currently reported as open or truly rideable yet.  The good news is that it has been cold- really cold.  The lakes are making good ice and the swamps are frozen solid, even the streams are starting to freeze up which will make ice bridge building a breeze when we do get snow.  Speaking of snow they (you know the evil weather people) claim that we will have a number of minor snow events this week in the 1-3 inch range each time, this could add up to at least getting the groomers out packing farther north and get some desperate riders out on the trails. We haven’t heard about any real good riding in Wisconsin or the UP either so it looks like we are waiting another week.  Rest assured if a trail can be ridden we will be the first to let you know about it so keep checking in.