1ab2First a quick trail update- The GIA trails around Duluth are experiencing heavy traffic and have deteriorated rapidly.  The North Shore Trail was fantastic BUT- with the recent snow there is a huge amount of sleds out there and there is a substantial amount of ice under the snow making the corners a little tricky.  Taking a right hand corner on the trail today I hit ice underneath and slid out wide left and almost tagged somebody coming the other way- my apologies to that guy whoever he is.  With all the traffic and trickiness I would suggest keeping your speeds down especially in those corners- after waiting so long to get snow you’d hate to wreck your sled!  Here are a couple of shots from today- first Pat & Michelle Meyer and Brian and Wendy Hager all the way up from Mankato out on the Reservoir Lakes trail at the new shelter and a shot of the overflowing Martin Rd lot which hasn’t seen this many trailers for a couple of seasons.  The next big storm is scheduled to hit the North Shore tonight so there will be plenty of snow out there!1ab1

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