It’s not over yet!  So here’s the scoop- around Duluth bare patches have turned into bare sections of the trail.  The North Shore Trail is open and groomed but there is not much of it left and it is icy- I see it being a definite issue with slides and engine temps.  The GIA trails around Duluth are not recommended riding as they go through private property and there are so many thin and bare spots that there can be some damage done to the trail surface and vegetation underneath and we want to avoid such things.  We did, however, have some guys ride down from Two Harbors tonight and conditions up there were much better- so good in fact that we are loading up the trailer and heading north- the general consensus is if you put in anywhere from Two Harbors north you will be okay but probably only for a day as Saturday highs look to be in the mid forties.  We’ve also been told that trails away from the Arrowhead are pretty bad as well with big stretches of bare spots.  We suggest staying on the North Shore trail and the trails that are close to it as they all seem to have good snow.  We are expecting LOTS of traffic up here this weekend and the trails are hard and icy so lets all ride smart and not act like we’re in a snocross race.  Slow down, be safe and have fun.